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Organizational Overview

Nechi Institute:  Centre of Indigenous Learning (Nechi) is a non-profit organization, positioned as a leader in Indigenous Wellness Training, where integrity is key, high performance and functioning matters, and potential is acknowledged.  Continuous improvement is a cornerstone in Nechi’s evolving transformational culture and Indigenous knowledge, and is critical to our pursuit to becoming an organization that redefines Indigenous Education excellence in western Canada and abroad.

Nechi Institute is an Indigenous instructional leader in the areas in which we operate and we continue to provide transformational teaching models that apply comprehensive theory and experiential components of learning.  Our curriculum is uniquely blended with western academia and traditional Indigenous culture: a powerful combination that ensures a greatly altered frame of reference.  These shared spiritual and traditional values result in a solid foundation of Indigenous awareness that enhances self-esteem, personal growth, and greater respect for individuals, families, and communities.  Nechi holds the principle that addictions free lifestyle creates stronger self awareness and healthier environments.

Although the work begins here, the result is seen in our communities as we, Indigenous people, live addiction free lifestyles.


Our Location

We are located in the Sturgeon County, Alberta, bordering the outskirts of Edmonton and St. Albert.  Our shared facility with Poundmaker’s Lodge Treatment Centres is located on the former grounds of the Edmonton Indian Residential School, a facility that was originally built for the housing of the Athabasca University.