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Welcome to Nechi Institute: Centre of Indigenous Learning

Thank you for considering Nechi for your professional training. Over forty years ago, this organization was built on the sacred foundation of traditional, cultural, and spiritual practices. Nechi Institute is committed to assisting Indigenous communites with wellness and healthy lifestyles. Our approach to training, research and health promotions is comprehensive, holistic, and balanced, focusing on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of the individual.  We are proud to serve the Indigenous communities of Alberta and throughout Canada.  It is our belief that Indigenous people know what they need and must be able to contribute to their own healing and wellness, a process that happens daily on the our training set and throughout the country.  We are committed to continuing our mission to renew and strengthen our programs and services; assist in the advancement of health and wellbeing in all communities. We need you to help construct this future. Our curriculum is the result of guidance and direction from our Elders on the healing that is much needed in the communities, as well careful academic research and decades of practitioner experience working with Indigenous students. The training you will receive at Nechi is experiential and built on a solid spiritual foundation that will guide you through your life journey. We invite you to build your career on it!