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The History of Nechi

Nechi Institute was established in 1974, by a small group of committed individuals, to meet the growing need for addictions prevention and recovery resources for Indigenous people. Today, through culturally sensitive training, research and health promotions initiatives, Nechi provides counsellors, health care workers, social workers, educators, community service agencies, government agencies, and other members of the helping professions with the tools and resources to help heal the pain and devastation caused by addictions and abuse. Internationally recognized as one of the finest Indigenous training, research, and health promotions centres in the world, Nechi Institute is a powerful resource for Indigenous people and communities addressing issues such as drugs, alcohol and gambling addictions, family violence, and prescription drug abuse. Nechi Institute uses the Experiential Learning Model, encouraging students to “learn through doing.” Courses in each series are comprised of structured exercises, large and small group as well as individual work assignments, brainstorming sessions, support groups, energizing exercises, role play and other exercises which provide opportunities to practice new skills. Students are encouraged to participate in all aspects of training and are required to complete a written assessment at the conclusion of each course. Nechi Institute offers a number of accredited programs that are transferable to many universities and colleges. "What was once the vision of a few is now the hope of many".