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Mission, Philosophy, Beliefs

Mission Statement

Nechi is an Aboriginal Movement committed to holistic healing and healthy addictions-free lifestyles.


Nechi's philosophy is founded upon spirituality of Aboriginal Peoples for our collective well being. It is through the Aboriginal way of knowing, healing and learning, Aboriginal people master our challenges and determine our destinies.

Nechi Beliefs

    •    The vision and spiritual development of Nechi’s Staff and Board of Governors are rooted in the well being of the collective Aboriginal Community.
    •    Each person has the ability to make a commitment to personal well being which is a natural state of being.
    •    Each person is a teacher, learner and healer.
    •    The cultural context for training and treatment of Aboriginal people is critical to success. The process of management of staff, training, research and health promotions must embody Aboriginal ways of knowing, healing and learning through self discipline.
    •    Our approach to training, research and health promotions must be holistic and balanced, focussing on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of the individual.
    •    The people we serve will be honoured. People know what they need and must be able to contribute to their own healing and wellness.
    •    Nechi and the communities it serves are involved in a healing process.
    •    Healing and wellness must be components of training, research and health promotions. The approach must be comprehensive, addressing the individual in the context of the Aboriginal Community. Healing and wellness of the individual contributes to healing of the family and community.
    •    Recovery from addictive dependencies is possible and supported.
    •    We believe voluntary service contributes to the wellness of individuals, families, agencies and communities.