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Prospective students

A young mother sits across from you, her eyes red from tears. Her two children were removed by family services this morning. She didn’t have money for food last week; she’s not welcome at the food-bank; she has a history of alcohol abuse. She pleads for your help, "Can you help me get my babies back?" You are the counsellor for the community. What do you do?

Why study at Nechi?

At the Nechi Training, Research and Health Promotions Institute, you will learn how to deal with this scenario and many others like it. Our experiential learning model ensures that you will acquire practical skills to work successfully with Indigenous clients. Veteran practitioners who work in Indigenous communities will teach you. Still wondering what you would do? Role-play it here – before you encounter it out there.

What kind of training will I receive from Nechi?

Nechi Institute is foremost a training facility for addictions counsellors. We offer accredited programs and courses to new students and to working professionals who want specialized addictions training. At Nechi, all our courses are based on experiential learning: you "learn by doing."