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Accreditation for Nechi training

For over thirty-nine years, Nechi has been a leader in addictions, training, research and health promotions and training.


National Indigenous Accreditation Board (NIAB)

As of February 2011, Nechi received institutional accreditation from the National Indigenous Accreditation Board (NIAB), the accrediting body of the National Association of Indigenous Institutes of Higher Learning. Nechi has received full accreditation for a term of seven years.  Nechi went through a rigorous four phase accreditation process whereby the Institute’s ability to measure up to standards of educational competence and integrity were examined.  Nechi Institute was able to demonstrate present performance and achievements in ten educational and administrative areas:

  • Institutional Mission
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Culture and Community
  • Finances
  • Institution Administration
  • Academic Programs
  • Faculty
  • Instructional Resources and Equipment
  • Student Support Services
  • Student Records
  • and Physical Plant and Non-Instructional Equipment.




Canadian Council of Professional Certification (CCPC)
Canadian Council of Professional Certification (CCPC) was established for the purpose of recognizing the accomplishments of professionals working in their specific disciplines. Certification is granted and a professional designation awarded when applicants have met the criteria set out by each disciplines board of examiners.

Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF)

Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF), promotes, certifies, and monitors the competency of addiction specific counselors in Canada using current and effective practices, which are internationally recognized. The CACCF certification and its professional conduct review process provide public protection for counsellors, employers, regulatory agencies, clients and their families.

First Nations Wellness/Addictions Counsellor Certification Board (FNWACCB)

First Nations Wellness/Addictions Counsellor Certification Board (FNWACCB) accredits training and education programs (i.e.. Certificates and diplomas) offered by colleges and sometimes by universities, as well as training offered by companies, organizations, institutes, conferences
and independent trainers who fulfill FNWACCB accreditation criteria.


First Nations Adult and Higher Education Consortium (FNAHEC)

Member institutions are committed to developing and delivering new programs to meet special needs within their communities.

Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer (ACAT)

Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer serves as a body through which stakeholders work co-operatively to ensure effective transferability of courses and programs for the benefits of students. ACAT is responsible for developing policies, guidelines, and procedures designed to facilitate transfer agreements among post-secondary institutions.