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The Nechi experience

The Nechi experience has been described as “transformational.” It will change your life for the better. You can expect your day to start with a smudge ceremony and a morning prayer. All non-lecture cultural and spiritual training components are optional, but you are invited to gain a greater understanding of Indigenous traditional culture and teachings. Before class, you will meet your classmates over breakfast. Perhaps you will reflect on yesterday’s class. Did you have any thoughts on things you could have done differently? Most courses you will experience at Nechi are comprised of structured exercises: lecture, large group work, small group work, individual work, brainstorming sessions, support groups, energizers and role-playing scenarios. Your class notes will go up on the Smart Board, a multimedia digital whiteboard, for later review. Do you have any thoughts on the morning classes? Maybe you can talk it over with your instructor or classmates over lunch. The afternoon classes could include small group discussions in the break out rooms or perhaps a session in a teepee (Edmonton has lovely summer days). As part of your required hours, during the CAT and ACT courses, you will be attending three one hour evening support groups each module. These support groups give you time to bond with classmates, enhance skills development, explore personal growth and provide support to one another. It is also common to spend the evening doing research in our computer lab. Free evenings at Nechi can consist of informal group activities like visits to the West Edmonton Mall, a movie or a dinner off-site. Nechi provides you with ample opportunities for personal and academic growth on a daily basis.