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Why study at Nechi?

You have years of life lessons and experiences to share with others. At Nechi, you use your wisdom by contributing and doing; our classes are based on a modified Experiential Learning Model. At Nechi we believe each person is a teacher, learner and healer. Therefore as a valuable member of the training team, your contributions in the classroom bring the training experience alive. This creates an interactive and exciting classroom experience; at Nechi you will be actively engaged in every facet of your education. Nechi’s facility is intimate and inviting, allowing smaller class sizes and plenty of one-on-one attention from supportive, respectful instructors. Our expansive grounds allow for quiet walks and for space to reflect on what you have learned in class. If you have a family or a demanding job, you can enjoy being home for three out of four weeks during your training too. Nechi employs a once-a-month training structure, which means less time away from family and, if you currently hold a job, your employer does not need to lose or replace a valued employee. If a fast track option is more your style, Nechi offers summer school. You can complete the entire CAT program in two months. This provides tangible results in a short amount of time, enabling you to take the ACT program in the fall or get straight to work! Nechi training programs and resources are developed from an Indigenous worldview. In fact, Nechi is one of the few training, research and health promotions organizations in the world that is operated for Indigenous people by Indigenous people. We understand Indigenous ways of knowing and believing, and it allows us to offer you authentic cultural knowledge. Within the walls of our Centre you will be gently introduced to the concepts of indigenous beliefs. During your training, you will be invited to learn and experience Indigenous teachings. If you choose, you can participate in morning smudging ceremony, learn basic cultural protocol, or possibly engage in a traditional sweat. If you are a young Indigenous person contemplating leaving your remote community to pursue higher education, Nechi is a wonderful option for you. At our training centre you will attend classes primarily with other Indigenous people. Your length of stay will be in short weeklong increments (less time to feel homesick or lonely). And you are given the opportunity to visit the large urban centre of Edmonton during your evening free time. In this way you will be exposed to an urban culture while still enjoying the safety of our calm nurturing environment.