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Colleen Courtoreille

Chief Executive Officer

"To be the change I would like to see in others."


Nechi Institute:  Centre of Indigenous Learning is pleased to welcome Colleen J. Courtoreille as the Chief Executive Officer and to our Nechi team. Colleen is from Grouard, Alberta and a mother to 3 beautiful daughters and a Kookum to 4 amazing grandchildren. Colleen completed her Master in Social Work Degree in 2009 from U of C and has worked with both the Provincial and Federal Government in diverse capacities for about 26 years. Her work includes: front line Social Work practice, Casework Supervisor, Human Resources Administrator, Social Development Director, and most recently as an Trainer for Nechi and Instructor for the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary. Colleen thoroughly enjoys affecting change and working with people to live a healthier lifestyle. Her life journey and focus has always been; to be the change that she would like to see in others. Colleen plans to implement this focus within her role as CEO, Nechi Institute and to guide the Nechi staff within this process.   Welcome aboard Colleen!