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Nechi Institute offers a number of accredited programs that are transferable to many universities and colleges.
Nechi is recognized as one of the finest Indigenous training, research, and health promotions centres in the
world, Nechi Institute is a powerful resource for Indigenous people and communities addressing issues such as
drugs, alcohol and gambling addictions, family violence, and prescription drug abuse.

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Nechi provides counsellors, health care workers, social workers, educators, community service agencies, government agencies, and other
members of the helping professions with the tools and resources to help heal the pain and devastation caused by addictions and abuse.


This 5 day course is designed to develop an understanding of the theoretical concepts surrounding the pharmacology of addictions, such as the pharmacokinetics (the movement of drugs within the body) and pharmacodynamics (the effects of drugs and their mechanisms of action).

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Nechi Program Schedule For 2020 -2021

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Introduction To Addictions Counselling {IAC} Program Schedule 2020 – 2021

Check out our new course outline for September 1, 2020 – to – March 19, 2021.

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Indigenous Addictions Services Diploma (IASD) Year 1 Schedule 2020 – 2021

Check out our new course outline for September 1, 2020 – to – May 14, 2021.

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Indigenous Addictions Services Diploma (IASD) Year 2 Schedule 2020 – 2021

Check out our new course outline for September 1, 2020 – April 9, 2021.

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Program Training Schedule 2019 – 2020

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Crystal Meth Awareness Training Flyer

Crystal Meth Awareness Training Flyer

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New Developments

Creating Wellness Where We Go

Medicine Wheel Research Guide

Nechi’s philosophy is founded upon the spirituality of Indigenous Peoples for our collective well-being. It is through the Indigenous ways of knowing, healing and learning that Indigenous Peoples master their challenges and determine their destinies. Nechi’s courses will utilize the Medicine Wheel framework to cultivate the transformation of addictions into resilience.


For over forty years, Nechi has been a leader in addictions, training, research and health promotions and training.



In house and offsite training, we custom build programs based on community needs. Learn how here
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Our experiential learning model ensures that you will acquire practical skills to work successfully with Indigenous clients..
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It’s been very grounding in the way they teach beginning and ending each day with smudging. It’s inclusive. We all feel equal. Our teachers are with us, not above us. They share their own experiences with us which makes them human – and they’re all Aboriginal too. That makes a difference.


I have found my time at Nechi to be very spiritual. I knew none of this before I came.  grew up never talking like this and I want to bring what I’ve learned back hone to the youth there.


I like the method of working on myself first because until that’s done, it’s not possible to move forward. I discovered some family traits that have helped me better understand who I am and gave me perspective.


The way they teach at Nechi is one of the best ways I can think of. I have learned that I am the creator of my own life.  It’s up to me as to how far I’ll go in life and what I’ll be.  I’ve really gotten to know my classmates really well. We’re all one team and always support one another.  I’ve surprised myself with how far I can go.

I used to have to do everything right to be satisfied but now I know it’s okay to make mistakes and I’ve embraced that so I’m not afraid of trying new things.


I like the way we do everything in a circle. The way the classroom operates is so different from the way other educational institutions operate. There’s much more interaction here between students. It’s a really nice atmosphere.


We are all learning so much from ourselves through discussion. Our classes are self-directed. We do a lot of role playing and other things. Before this course started, I would never have spoken up like this in front of so many people. Now I do it a lot.


Everyone here has a real place in discussions. Everyone has a piece to offer – their own life experiences, their own perspective and coming from their communities. We arrive at ideas collectively. It’s not about one person’s ideas at Nechi.

Nechi has also made me remember things my grandfather used to tell me years and  years ago. By what we’re learning now, some of his words then are starting to make sense to me now.


It’s good that here people are open to talking about residential schools in an open way.


I work in a group home and we don’t have any training like this. What I’ve learned here I can take back to youth in my community.  I’ve come to understand the teachings, the protocol and the ceremonies. Knowing this would give youth a more open mind. They would understand the beauty of our culture. It’s something all children should be exposed to at a young age.


When I first came to Nechi and learned so many things, I came home and my children saw a big difference in how I was. I had really changed. Now I am an instructor here.

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Interested in becoming a Facilitator/Instructor for Nechi Institute:  Centre of Indigenous Learning?   We are hosting a one day orientation session on what it takes to be a Nechi facilitator or instructor.
Grandparents Sacred Lodge Teachings poster

Grandparents Sacred Lodge Teachings

This program features Elders teachings, addictions awareness and life skills for Young Indigenous Adults. APPLY TODAY! For Young Indigenous Adults FREE Program.

45th Anniversary Conference Celebrations-Celebrating Our Resilience-Oct 15-17, 2019

Join us for Nechi Institute’s 45th Anniversary Conference Celebrations in Edmonton, Alberta!
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